people holding handsLife Arts Media is an online multimedia magazine founded in 2010.

The purpose of Life Arts Media is that of creating a channel to allow all those people and organizations’ activities and works, which aim to develop and promote consciousness, community or sustainability, to reach as many people as possible.

Such a platform, which makes use of the huge potential of Internet “viral” communication, can represent an alternative to conventional media.

The aim of Life Arts Media is that of supporting and contributing to a shift that is already taking place.

Our hope is that by showing the diverse ways through which the principle of interconnectedness can express itself (in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, health & well being, sustainability, arts, economics and social justice), more people can be inspired and embrace this principle into their lives, sharing and proposing new solutions for an increasingly complex world.


Gennaro Ambrosino


Gennaro Ambrosino is the founder of Life Arts Media, multimedia artist and filmmaker.

He has a background in interaction design, multimedia and advertisement and a profound interest for self-knowledge, mystical traditions and esoteric teachings, which for almost 15 years led him to explore, study and practice some of the main conscious teachings kept alive through millennia, among which, Western Alchemy, Neo-Platonism and Renaissance Hermeticism, Anthroposophy, Gurdjieff's 4th Way, Shamanism and for the last decade his interests, studies and practices have been focused on Taoism, Qigong and Martial Arts.

Life Arts Media has been a long time vision, first as a means to dedicate his skills to what he’s passionate about and considers meaningful.

In 2009 he travelled to China (among other countries) to work on ‘Opening Dao’ (a short documentary film on Taoist philosophy and its link to certain martial arts), which was published, together with the launch of Life Arts Media, in 2010.

He’s originally from Cuma (Cumae), near Neaples in Italy, where, according to the myth, one of the most known oracles of the ancient world used to reside, the 'Sibilla Cumana' (Cumaen Sibyl) and it’s also the town where ancient Greeks first landed, characterizing the region for a rich archaeological and cultural heritage which blends Latin and Greek history and mythologies.

For his work for Life Arts Media and for his personal path, he had the chance to travel through Asia and South America, meeting, studying from, interviewing and filming shamans, monks and academic scholars as well as many authors and social and environmental activists in London, where he has been living for the last 13 years.
He had the fortune to be able to follow his thirst for knowledge and at the same time share the fruits of his work and research through LAM.

He’s a firm believer of the potential of new and alternative media and the power of everyday people who become the content creators and the news-makers, and that the possibilities we have today, with internet and social media, can be the arena where technology (when used wisely) meets spiritual and social evolution.

Amy Woodrow Arai

Contributing Editor

Since graduating with a degree in politics and development, Amy has been working on issues concerned with Indigenous rights, biodiversity protection, alternative economics and action on global climate change.

She worked with the Native Spirit Foundation, which provides a platform for dialogue between the Indigenous world and modern societies, coordinating an annual film festival and workshops, screenings and events through the year.

She also worked at the Gaia Foundation, working with communities to revive Indigenous knowledge to secure land, seed, food and water sovereignty and to protect Sacred Natural Sites. She worked specifically on highlighting the devastating impact of the global extractive industries and supporting communities to strengthen resistance to mining in their territories.

Concerning the challenges that face humanity today, she believes that there is much to learn (and re-learn) from Indigenous cultures and traditional knowledge. She is also excited by the many possibilities and social movements presenting alternatives to our unsustainable global economy.

Will Gethin

Contributing Editor

Since 2004, Will Gethin has worked as a holistic explorer and travel writer, writing articles for the Independent, the Evening Standard and various lifestyle, wellbeing and environmental magazines, including Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Resurgence, Kindred Spirit and Yoga Magazine.

During this time, he has also worked as a communications consultant, promoting humanitarian and intercultural organisations like The Isbourne Foundation, IT Schools Africa, The Makhad Trust, Tribe of Doris and Afrika Eye Film Festival.
In February 2012, he set up Conscious Frontiers as a PR, communications and events agency to give voice to the growing movement of people working to propel a shift in consciousness.

He also founded a Guest Speaker programme at the Isbourne Holistic Centre (January 2008) bringing leading edge conscious living authors and presenters like Byron Katie, Graham Hancock, Peter Owen Jones and Brandon Bays to Cheltenham to present educational talks and workshops.

From 1993-2003, Will worked in music, consumer and arts PR for London agencies, ultimately working as Account Director for Virgin Megastore at Borkowski PR.

Will is also a Contributing Editor to Life Arts Media.