Art and Social Evolution

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Piercarla Garusi - Eye Of God -

We are living through very changing and challenging times and I believe art needs to step up or maybe to return to its role of beacon of light to support the evolution of humanity.

It is not simply denouncing what does not work, what needs changing, it is helping humanity to shift to a new reality with the help and, I would say, the power, of art.

Art can reach millions of people and on so many levels, the senses, the heart, the conscious, the subconscious, the soul, maybe past lives as well.  Each individual is an Infinite Being, but that might be covered by what he/she is not: negativity, emotions, feelings, ego desires, judgments, self-judgments, beliefs, thought patterns, points of view, etc. All of these create our consciousness, and thus our reality.  And not only that, they create the consciousness and reality in the world.

Piercarla Garusi - Love is about Freedom -When we let go of all we are not, we raise our vibrations, till we arrive to the highest vibrations, the vibrations of Love. Love is not a sweet feeling, it is the most powerful force in the Universe that transforms anything that is not it, into it. It is our very nature.

In order to heal and reconnect with who and what we truly are, with our magnificence, we need so to let go of all we are not. The problem is that there is normally resistance in the way.

Healing in the world happens when we help enough people heal, when we help people let go of what they are not, when we help them release the resistance.
Consciousness works in such a way that, even if a person is not willing to change, in the presence of very high vibrations, change might occur.

Now, how can art help social evolution?

Here is my current understanding, and I think it will evolve as we enter into the world of Spirit, where our rational understanding can only grasp things little by little.  I believe when art comes from Spirit, it can help people relax easily and let go of the subconscious ego-resistance and allow healing to take place, as it holds higher vibrations.  I think healing can happen in two ways: when we let go of what we are not and the resistance associated to it, and with energy transmission from higher vibrations.
Art than needs to help people think differently, maybe learn what perhaps nobody ever told them. Art needs to help people shift to a more empowered and positive reality and create the world we would like to live in.

Piercarla Garusi - A wave of love -My paintings are spiritual, I am just a tool for Spirit to create through me. When I begin a painting I have no idea of what will come out, I need to totally surrender to Spirit, allow it to create through me and trust that what will come out is what is supposed to be. This means not controlling, not wanting to know, not judging. I need to totally disappear, listen and follow the energy.

My paintings  have an identity completely separate from me, and I just bow to their love and wisdom. On most of them, there is a quote, a sentence, which can help us think differently, remember what we perhaps have forgotten or what nobody told us, learn new things, shift our consciousness.

I will be exhibiting my paintings at PARALLAX ART FAIR, Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London from 16th – 18th February 2012 and I would be delighted to meet you. You find more information on the website

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Piercarla Garusi

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Piercarla Garusi, born in Italy, is a mathematician, a spiritual coach and self-taught artist. The aim of her paintings is to bring about healing and a shift in consciousness. She began painting years ago after her experience in Taize’, but in recent years her paintings have changed, becoming a tool for Spirit, thanks also to the techniques she has studied to de-construct the ego/mind and reconnect with Consciousness and who we truly are. Piercarla believes in the power of art for social evolution, from the level of the subtle energies and Consciousness. One of her art projects is called ‘You Are Infinitely Precious’ and it is aimed at bringing about healing in the human family. She has contributed to a project for Peace. You can find more information on the website ( 

She is also a professional certified coach, and has studied many further techniques. She has run a support group in London for people suffering from social anxiety, given talks to charities to help overcome depression, supported foreign employees relocated to the UK, co-authored two books. Her current coaching work is focused on People Relations, on improving the way we treat one another by bringing about awareness of what love and respect are and are not, on what is abuse, on what it is to treat a person well, on how to deal with difficult people. All working from the point of view of the Infinite Being we truly are.

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