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Piercarla Garusi, born in Italy, is a mathematician, a spiritual coach and self-taught artist.

The aim of her paintings is to bring about healing and a shift in consciousness. She began painting years ago after her experience in Taize’, but in recent years her paintings have changed, becoming a tool for Spirit, thanks also to the techniques she has studied to de-construct the ego/mind and reconnect with Consciousness and who we truly are.

Piercarla believes in the power of art for social evolution, from the level of the subtle energies and Consciousness. One of her art projects is called ‘You Are Infinitely Precious’ and it is aimed at bringing about healing in the human family. She has contributed to a project for Peace. You can find more information on the website (www.piercarla-paintings.co.uk).

She is also a professional certified coach, and has studied many further techniques.

She has run a support group in London for people suffering from social anxiety, given talks to charities to help overcome depression, supported foreign employees relocated to the UK, co-authored two books.

Her current coaching work is focused on People Relations, on improving the way we treat one another by bringing about awareness of what love and respect are and are not, on what is abuse, on what it is to treat a person well, on how to deal with difficult people. All working from the point of view of the Infinite Being we truly are.

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