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Master Simon Lau's life has been dedicated to cultivating mind, body and spirit to the highest degree. He was born in mainland China and originally educated by Buddhist monks.

Herbal Medicine & Qigong

"I truly believe that the minds that co-ordinate the activities of violence can co-ordinate the activities of co-operation. Everyone has an equal right to eliminate suffering and seek happiness."

"In keeping with the Warrior tradition I have focused my life as much on being a healer as being a martial artist. I am a sincere practitioner of Qigong, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Astrology, believing that physical and emotional health is equally essential for self development and inner awareness. Everyone has the potential to improve and change "because each new day represents a new life. Every hour of our time is a gift."

Master Lau holds many accredited certificates and awards including:

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (R.C.H.M)
Association of Hong Kong and Kowloon Practitioner of Chinese Medicine
NHS Directory of Chinese Herbal Medicine
World Academic Society of Medical Qigong China

Martial Arts

Master of Kung Fu
Combat Hall of Fame Award 2000
Combat Lifetime Achievement Award 2001

He is also the author of the well received reference book “Master Kung Fu".

Television and Media

In 2010 Master Simon Lau was requested to demonstrate the No.1 Position in Discovery Channel’s acclaimed documentary 'The Greatest Ever Weapon'.

He was the resident Grand Master in Sky One’s reality TV show 'Fight School' and was also chosen to appear in the BBC Martial Arts Documentary 'The Way of the Warrior' and in 'The Living Body', a documentary on the human anatomy made by Gold Crest Films for Channel 4, he illustrated the significance of muscle power. Master Lau gained this part after proving he had the fastest punch of the martial artists who auditioned. Following this impressive performance, he was asked by Gold Crest to show his skill in a television advert for St Ivel Gold Margarine.

He then started an Anti-School-Bullying Campaign which was covered by the Mirror Newspaper and the Guardian's Education Supplement. Other press accolades include full-page front covers and main features in Combat Magazine and Sweden's best selling Fighter magazine. For two years in a row, Combat Magazine presented him with awards for his contribution to and development of the martial arts in the UK and abroad.

Cambridge University Union

In September 2000, Master Simon Lau was honoured to become a guest speaker on the subject of human energy at Cambridge Union.

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