Awaken and Evolve: A one-day seminar with Andrew Cohen

• April 12, 2013 • Comments (0)

Discover what many of us these days are looking for: a deep foundation in ourselves and a passion to engage creatively with life. Andrew Cohen has for over 25 years expertly guided thousands of people worldwide in awakening to a new view of enlightenment which is not only the peace and stillness of being, but also includes the thrilling revelation that we are evolving. In this seminar Cohen will experientially bring to life the big picture of our place in the universe and how we can make a real difference.

Cohen provides compelling and empowering responses to perplexing issues of our times, such as the nature of progress and the development of culture. In this day seminar he will explain clearly how we can take the next step in human development and help create a new, evolving culture together.

Who Should Attend?

If you have a sincere spiritual interest, are open to new ideas, enjoy creative conversation, value developing your insight, are seeking ways to improve your relationship to life, and want to give more fully to the world, this seminar is guaranteed to enhance your capacities in these areas.

What Can You Expect?

·    Connect with an unlimited source of inspiration, confidence and creativity
·    Experience a simple, direct and powerful way to advance your spiritual development
·    Discover a new and liberating perspective on yourself and life
·    Examine the potential of evolutionary optimism to release you from current constraints
·    Engage, explore and share your values with like-minded people
·    Perceive our current times, and the future, with fresh, liberated eyes
·    Ask questions to Andrew Cohen

For more info and to book your ticket please visit EnlighthenNext UK



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