Building Man: Re-imagining Festival Culture and Beyond

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“Somewhere beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.”

Welcome to the radical re-imagination of small festival culture and beyond.

Inspired by Burning Man – and remixed by Babylon the Beautiful – this is Building Man.

100% participatory, volunteer-led gatherings of like minded people and projects will pioneer gift-led economics and embrace a brave new world of post-scarcity abundance.

Building Man’s mission is the design and build of boundlessly creative ‘cultures of permanence,’ capable of integrating both relative and absolute existence in a whole extending beyond conventional boundaries of thought and feeling.

Rather than adopting a ‘leaving no trace’ philosophy, Building Man will invest time and energy in the development of permanent site infrastructures and community arts hubs. Furthermore, the gatherings will support a growing awareness that conventional models of ecologically conscious festival making have been outmoded.

The Building Man Co-operative is co-owned and collectively organised, emerging as part of a network of radically open multi-stakeholder co-operatives.

Localised and radically inclusive, the experimental approach will integrate both theory and practice while combining experts, volunteers, resources and infrastructures in ambitious new patterns of co-creation “inspired by Nature.”

Bodenham Manor | Herefordshire

May 2nd – May 27th 2013

For volunteer registration visit:

Bodenham Manor is a community of like minded folk emerging from a recent history of neglect and decay in beautiful surroundings. Truly, this is a microcosm which reflects the macrocosm.

Join the budding change makers in skills sharing workshops and practical tuition, transforming a reformatory school building and establishing a surrounding permaculture garden – including WET system and appropriate technology installations.


Why ‘Build the Change’?

  • To design and build tools for self-organisation and community autonomy.
  • To pioneer unfolding experiments with new ways of being.
  • To establish new models which make outmoded ones obsolete.

Whisper it quietly, but a critical mass of like-minded folk is now emerging to re-imagine freedom of consciousness, co-create an evolution of power and pioneer a collective experience of grace.

Building Man is supported by the Clouds Co-operative, the community owned performing arts collective in the Clouds. Our £20,000 donation will be supplemented by community-led, peer to peer crowdfunding supported by YOU, the people.

The End to End is a free wheel adventure into new ways of being. Our pedal powered 1,000 mile challenge will journey through eco communities, community hubs and permaculture projects from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Cloud Cuckoo Land is the community owned performing arts festival in the Clouds, “an unrealistically idealistic state of being, where everything is possible.” Support Building Man by purchasing limited Early Birds, only £50 including camping, on sale now.

For more information please contact:

Festival Director | Marcus Letts

Tel: 07881 2085781




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