Charles Eisenstein – The Living Planet

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From an evening hosted by the Gaia Foundation, in London on the 20th November 2013, Charles Eisenstein reflects on the Earth’s true nature as a complex living system.


quoteIf we really want other people to become environmentalists and to dedicate their lives in service to this planet we want to give them experiences of wonder, beauty, awe and love for nature and the opportunity to feel the grief for the death of all that is beautiful on this planet.

Unlike hunter-gathers, who saw the world outside themselves as having indeed  the quality of the self; as having sentience, beingness, purpose, desire, intention, consciousness, our culture’s “superior” world view allow us to be the masters, lords and possessors of nature, by treating it as an object.

Talking of a Living Planet challenges a key assumption of our civilisation and all system of technology; that there will be no consequences, no hurt, no pain caused, no reason to grief when we destroy what is outside of ourselves.

The New Story, which is also an ancient story, says that we are not separate beings in a universe of indifferent forces and impersonal objects, what we are is interbeings; we are the totality of our relationships, therefore everything that we do affects everything that there is, anything that happens in the world it’s happening to us, and this is what turns us in environmentalists.


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