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Core Beliefs

• June 16, 2013 • Comments (3)


A belief is something that is held by an individual to be true. Beliefs fuel our thoughts, interpretations, and actions. But what fuels our beliefs? Beneath all the layers of beliefs, lies a core belief. This core belief is a message that we interpreted from childhood experiences as our inherent worth. Every time mom or dad said, “Did I say you could speak?” or “Young man, that isn’t proper!” or gives us the cold shoulder because we didn’t behave in the way we were supposed to, we internalized a deep belief that we are not worthy of sharing who we really are. This core belief is rooted in the depths of our historical environment that is passed on from generation to generation. As this core belief travels up our beings, throughout our torso, firing our synapses, and out our limbs, it informs us of how to move in the world. This core belief tells us from afar how to behave in the world because we hold it to be true.

When we look around, we see our perception of ourselves reflected in our environment. If we believe we are not worthy of being who we really are, we see proof that we are indeed not worthy. Everything we witness is seen through this core belief. This is the nature of projection. We project our perception of ourselves onto our environment, constantly. Is there a way to not project our perceptions? No, but there is a way to shift how we perceive ourselves. We can create an awareness that flows alongside our thoughts, interpretations, and actions. We can acknowledge that we are acting out of a historical false belief and that it no longer defines who we are. As we create a deeper awareness around this false belief, it becomes an echo in the distance. The more we live with the intent to listen beneath our historical roots, the more an essential truth will emerge. The essential truth is that all life is worthy of living fully.

As a teacher, my invitation to my students in my workshops is to deepen our awareness of our core beliefs by simply acknowledging them while being witnessed by our peers. Notice sensations that arise in your body and stay with them while opening your body to release them. Stay with the sensations while questioning the truth of your core beliefs. Notice the subtle shift in how you perceive your environment and the clarity that may appear as you begin to see things as they really are.

My workshop, Art as a Portrait of The Self, is an exploration of this process while seeing and interpreting a work of art. If we see our perception of ourselves reflected in our environment, how does this influence how we interpret art?

If you are interested in sponsoring my workshop, Art as a Portrait of The Self, or my work with Writing As Meditation, please contact me.

Thank you.

taraBy Tara Maria Ford

Tara Maria Ford received her MFA from John F. Kennedy University and a BA in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community from New College of California. She has been a writer, artist, and teacher for over 14 years. She created and taught a monthly workshop entitled, Writing As Meditation: Approaching the Writing Process with Open Curiosity. She trained with Ellen Fishburn, of Giving Spirit Form, on how to release attachment to judgment and habitual story in order to meet the present moment. Tara currently teaches reading, writing, and creating mental gestalt images of words to kids and adults at The Reading Clinic in Saratoga, Ca.

“Tara’s workshop was unlike any other I’ve taken. She has a capacity for attuned listening and responding that helps students become more sensitive to their own experience.”

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Comments (3)

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  1. sarah says:

    Tara, as I rise to fully integrate with my higher self, these beliefs you describe are the exact opportunities that I see with more clarity than perhaps ever before. I thank you for your beautiful insights and my guides for leading me to them!

  2. My next workshop is on Saturday, July 6 from 10am-4pm at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California, USA. For more information visit:

    I hope to see you there!

    Thank you,

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