Dan Millman: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

• October 15, 2011 • Comments (4)


Former world champion gymnast, university coach, martial arts instructor and college professor Dan Millman developed, following a 20 year spiritual quest, the Peaceful Warrior’s Way as a mode of expressing his learning as teachings. Today Dan is one of the world’s best known spiritual teachers and his 13 books, including the cult classic, Way of the Peaceful Warrior (which was adapted to the screen starring Nick Nolte), have inspired millions of readers worldwide.

In this exclusive interview for Life Arts Media, Dan shares his ‘Peaceful Warrior’ wisdom and explains the principles that all top athletes and martial artists cultivate, whether intuitively or consciously.



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Comments (4)

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  1. CTKWingChun says:

    What a great talk. Thanks to Life Arts for putting this up. Huge fan of his work – got me through college.

  2. Melanie Hope Hiller says:

    Love the wave and surfing comments DAn MIllman. We CAN always Jump on or off the a wave… but timing is everything. My DAd who lived in Brooklyn used to alway say there's always another bus.

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