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Divinity also looks like this

• February 1, 2013 • Comments (0)


You know you are a divine being. You know this now.

And yet you think some days that being human, messy, vulnerable and afraid means that you are further away from God, from love, from all that you are.

No, no, no my friend.

Embrace all aspects of your divinity. We chose to be here. In this space and time. A being in a body, on this planet. With these feelings, these yearnings, these desires, this growth, or conflict.

So when you feel alone, or scared, or anything other than happy – know that that too is okay. Know that you even chose this illusion of separation – so that you might create and witness all the different versions of who you are,
of who we are.

All this, even THIS, Is somehow part of the divine plan.

You are a divine being in a body.

You are beautiful. Try not to judge these moments.
These moments.

Bring it love instead. Love and love and love again.

We are all beautiful.


by Leila Lloyd-Evelyn
Creative soul, receptionist & energy practitioner.

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