Do You Know Yourself?

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Sanam, MastersOM

Sanam, MastersOM

Do you know yourself?

You are not your body, although you have a body. You cannot say I am my foot, but you can say I have a foot.

You are not your emotions or feelings, although you feel them, you can say I feel such and such thing. But you don’t say I am this feeling itself. You see the feeling, a sensory perception of an alchemical reaction in yourself made of 3 forces. The impression, an external, active force, the reaction, an internal response and passive force, and the third space, is an objective space, where perception grows and modifies your future projections, and this has neutral force. Interestingly, depending on the angle of perception it can be seen that each force itself is also the active, passive and neutral force, and the original impression, goes through the alchemy of all 3 stages, in order to create new paradigms of consciousness projection.

You are not your thoughts, although thoughts come and go habitually, haphazardly, in flows and cycles depending on the subject of your conditioning. You have thoughts, sometimes you believe and identify with them. But if you look carefully you were there before you picked up any thought, theory or idea and started to make a habit out of it. It’s you who has to think it. So you are before the thought.

You are not your history or personal story, although you have a history, yet it’s just a story, it doesn’t mean you are it. You have experienced, you talk about the experience and you attach to some memories. You can say I experienced that event, but you can’t say I am the event itself. The event itself also requires at least 3 elements coming together. The field of consciousness sets up the event naturally, both seemingly synchronistically and spontaneously. The meeting of forces, as you, the other, and the experience of this meeting, including what follows from the moment of the meeting, gives rise to the evolution of the objective third space. You are neither of these in yourself, you always remain as yourself. Observing all these happenings within and around yourself. Who are you?

You are not your culture, that’s just external conditions and habits, you can see these traits, maybe pick up a few of them as part of your habitual makeup, and outward personality dressing . But you cannot say I am the culture itself. You pick up the culture, you come before it. Even if you desperately believe you are it, it’s still just a habitual manner that you are acting out. Still you before it.

You are not your mind, you have a mind, you sometimes say you’re losing it, or you can’t get something off of it! You can fill it with ideas, thoughts, images and so on. You can talk about what’s on it right now, but you’re still not that either.

You are not anything you see and know external to yourself, or even internally, you can even say I have a soul, but even there it’s you who sees it, so the one saying I comes before it.

Before you saw or learned about anything, or picked up a habit, or believed in this or that, you were already here.

Anything you put after I am, the I still comes first, and then the description you temporarily or partially attach to after it. Whatever you put after I, you’ve picked up and maybe believe in as an aspect of your perception of yourself for a while.

But without a mind, belief, body, history, personal story, identity or culture, there’s still a you, first!

Many say I have awakened, but who was asleep and who woke up? The idea you had about yourself? Your character in your story?

Who are you? Where are you in yourself exactly? What do you mean when you say I?
You come before everything else, what are you referring to exactly when you say I?
You can’t say I am my x, y, z… Then that’s still not you but something you’re looking at… So where’s the you? You are here, that you know.

You can say I am consciousness but even consciousness is seen by you, experienced by you. So…?!!!

Don’t try to answer it intellectually or conceptually, your answers will loop on themselves. But stay in the space of seeing.
~ ST~



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