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It goes like this…it’s not difficult.

You take the bible and you open the chapter ‘The book of Kings’ and you begin to read it.  With no rush (always remember ‘festina lente’ – ‘make haste slowly’), you underline all the numerical parts of the description of the Temple of King Solomon, and giving a value of 56cm to a cubit, as he did, you start to build a floor plan, paying attention to all its constituent elements.

Now, if you’re a genius like him (…what do you mean who’s he?!…him!…right?!), you will obtain the image below.


What you see is only a section of the entire plan, as it only represents the central area.

At this point, I should add a quite fundamental fact – as it’s of facts we’re talking about – which is that the Temple, as all the temples inspired by Solomon’s, being directly instructed by God, had the purpose of “representing” God himself.

A God totally fused and confused with nature and its laws.

Now, I know that for us “modern people” all this sounds quite absurd, but let’s suppose for a moment that this is true, also because he, thanks to the this plan, had the chance to verify the validity of certain assumptions which allowed him to further his illustrious scientific work.

But let’s leave on the side for a second one of the most influential figures in the history of science, and let’s get back to the Temple for some more observations; actually, as I’m used to with my readers, I’d like to invite you to…count!

Let’s start to look carefully at those groups of circles, indicated by the letter ‘I’; can you see them?  They’re exactly six groups of 12, which in the biblical description represent the columns that sustain the roof in the central area of the Temple.  Solomon ordered to build exactly 72 of them.

Let’s have a look now at the 2 columns with letter ‘M’ – they’re very important, you know? – we’re referring to almost three thousands years ago, and since then they never lost their symbolic meaning for a certain type of knowledge.

Well, according to the bible, those 2 columns were each 18 cubits high.

It’s not necessary to be as meticulous as he was in establishing the value of a cubit, also because, although there’s a lot of bibliography referring to it, there has never been an ultimate, definite and agreed definition of its actual size.  In any case, we can affirm that the 2 columns of 18 cubits each, placed at the entrance of the Sancta Sanctorum of the temple, give a sum total of 36 cubits.

So the bottom line is this: a presumed building, described in the bible, has two numerical references, which are 72 (units) and 36 (cubits) – and I’m not going to talk just now of how this numerical matrix is the same which is found in the Axial precession (precession of the equinoxes), neither I will talk now of how these numerical references are the same that can be decoded studying a typical rose window of a gothic cathedral, but I’d like to take you temporarily to China, to highlight that for acupuncture practitioners the matrix of the human body is constituted by:


Meridians Chart – en.wikipedia.org – CC Image

–  8 curious vessels
–  12 primary organs
–  12 primary meridians
–  48 secondary ones

The acupuncturist interacts with this ‘subtle’ physical structure using 360 acupoints.

In other words the sum total of organs and meridians is 72 units, therefore once again we find the same numerical references, of biblical memory, but with some “small” added information: the matrix of the subtle anatomy (and I emphasise ‘subtle’) of the human body shares the same matrix of God.

Hence I’ve asked myself: is it possible that once people believed that man is made in the image of God and therefore that our body can be defined as a Temple? A temple dictated by the laws of nature itself?

If that’s the case, at least on a subtle level, it would be good, wouldn’t it?…we could almost say that we resemble God!

I’m really enjoying this thought, while I’m looking at a night sky, clear and full of stars, but just a moment before I loose myself in deeper and transcendental spiritual considerations, another symbol that I’ve used extensively comes to mind:


The Zodiac of Dendera, which is a celestial representation, traced back to a few thousands years ago, which is basically made of:

– 12 beings, positioned on 8 directions, that with their 24 arms create and hold 72 celestial bodies –

Therefore once again we see: 36 parts directly responsible of 72 stars, planets and constellations.

I can’t help thinking that possibly the sky is made as the human body, which is made as that of God.
Damn!…we could almost think that we are…perfect?!…marvellous like the infinite?!…unique like God?!…immense in what we can feel, be, create, love and share?!
No!!…come on!…it would be too easy, cloying and limited; it’s better not to accept a similar idea but rather implode for thousands of false difficulties, false faults, unnecessary needs and desires…it’s better to pierce your vein with a needle, drown in a bottle of alcohol to dull oneself to death and not accept our real heritage.
Ultimately it’s easier; we can just carry on saying that that is only the subtle world that only few overawed people believe in; few people that believe that this reality is directly linked to a dimensional matrix, which is here with us and elsewhere, whose specular and tridimensional characteristics have been coded since remote times and condensed in a Temple, made then sacred, but in a useless way.

No, come on!…let’s take it easy!…they’re only numbers…it’s all good…nothing has changed…be happy…it’s me who is wrong.

But him?…was he wrong too?!
Was he wrong when he drew the floor plan of the aforementioned Temple? And did he studied it purporslessly for decades, to find the confirmations he was looking for?

What do you mean who’s he?!
You never heard of a certain Sir Isaac Newton and of his quite singular “small” discoveries? No?!
That’s weird because all it takes is to google ‘Newton Project’.  Then when you find the site of Oxford University you just have to add in the search box the word: ‘The Temple’.

I leave the rest to you…but no worries I’ll get return to talk about the last Magus…I promise.


(Translated by: Gennaro Ambrosino)



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