Evolutionary Enlightenment

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“…a moral care and compassion for all sentient beings and biological life emerges in the Universe, at the highest level of evolution, in human consciousness…there is nothing mechanistic about that…”

Author, spiritual teacher and cultural visionary Andrew Cohen, in this first excerpt of an exclusive interview for Life Arts Media, discusses the very core of the teaching of ‘Evolutionary Enlightenment’ (which is also the title of his latest book).

The scientific theory of evolution and the eastern concept of enlightenment are a continuum in Cohen’s teaching.

The same creative impulse which began about 14 billions years ago with big bang, which gave rise to the Universe, is the same impetus that we as human can discover in deepest experience of our being, which drives us to innovate and create that which is new.  Human consciousness, capable of looking back and cognise this process as well as of experiencing care and compassion for for all sentient beings and biological life, is the very edge of that impersonal evolutionary process.  This idea, which becomes a profound experience through our own introspection, transcends thus the traditional scientific mechanistic view of the nature.

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