Food and Depression

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Photo by flickr user: Yuliya Libkina. Some rights reserved.

Photo by flickr user: Yuliya Libkina. Some rights reserved.

Depression and anxiety can be diseases or simply particular states of being during which we are temporarily sad, demotivated, preoccupied and tense about something.

Which are the solutions? drugs? food? love and affection from friends and family? looking for engaging and entertaining activities which can balance the stress that work and a fast pace life style might impose upon us?

And with regards to food, which are our psyche’s worst enemies?! Some things to consider:

  • Meat, fish and animal proteins cause putrefaction in the colon, which is our second brain and the place where cerebral neurotransmitters are produced [putrefaction in the colon = depression].
  • Processed sugar: first of all, the infamous sucrose; it triggers glycemic peaks which induce a false euphoria with a consequent depressive state; it unbalances testosterone in men and generally interferes with normal hormone production.  It takes away from the body, precious nutritional substances as it’s a dead food and it requires enzymes to be digested. Brown sugar is not much different, as we are still talking about refined and dead food. Just because you can buy it at the supermarket, doesn’t mean it is harmless; it’s a chemical substance, unnatural, powerful, harmful and catastrophic for who is particularly sensitive to it.
  • Heavy metals: mercury and aluminum. Worst of the worst!  Watch out for the dental amalgamations, which cause a continuous and never-ending intoxication to the body.  Mercury is renowned for creating mental states as extreme as schizophrenia.
  • Fizzy drinks: every time you drink a can of coke, you drink an enormous quantity of sucrose; same for all other canned soft drinks.
  • Gluten and casein: cereals are not food for all; it’s not food meant for humans but rather for granivores (of an animals that feed on grain).  Intolerance to gluten is now considered a widespread epidemic globally, when in reality it’s the direct consequence of a normal bodily reaction due to the introduction of a protein, which is unknown and incompatible with it. Various mental states are associated with gluten ranging from depression and unjustified rage, to psychosis.
  • Casein can be like a poison in the same way as animal proteins, as an additional negative aspect is that it sticks to the intestinal villi, hindering the normal assimilation of food. Removing gluten and casein from the diet of children with autism has astounding results.
  • Vaccination: vaccines are probably the worst insult to human beings.  Heavy metals, human and animal DNA; a mix of crap which it’s not even worth discussing their toxicity here.
  • Drugs: a lot of drugs have an effect on neuroreceptors, even if in their pharmaceutical definition there’s nothing related to the psyche – from antihistamines to pills for blood pressure, from cough medicine to headache pills.
  • Devitalized teeth (root canals): a devitalized tooth is a dead appendice attached to the body by force. It’s like keep a rotting finger stuck onto your hand. The uncontrolled proliferation of bacteria is due to rot present in an area, as sensitive as the face and skull, can drain the responsiveness of the immune system bringing severe depressive states.

    Photo by flicker user: Richard Rutter. Some rights reserved.

    Photo by flicker user: Richard Rutter. Some rights reserved.

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