Holism: The Art of Stephen Meakin

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2012 – Abandon Notions of Separateness

Echoing the technical perfection of Islamic ornamental design and the mystical directive of the sacred mandala, Stephen’s paintings celebrate the universal oneness of all things using geometry as the archetypal language of creation. This is a non-sectarian, global and inclusive art with luminescent and transcendent intimations of an ancient craft.

Stephen’s passion for painting and his architectonic genius combine seamlessly across the canvas, resulting in beautifully crafted works of a standard rarely seen in the contemporary art world. They are inspired by his knowledge of a diverse range of subjects such as philosophy, architecture, art history, comparative religion, cosmology and astronomy.

Hailed by the TimeOut as ‘Master Geometer’, Stephen is one of the leading lights in the global revival of traditional and perennial arts. “Here is one of the rare breed of contemporary artists, humble enough to acknowledge that he works for a genius that far surpasses him.  Indeed he works for the genius that created him! At last we have work that transmits the intelligent intuitions of the original artist”.

Following a period of time working as an architect, Stephen decided to return to education to do a MA in Fine Art.  Alongside this, he delved deeply into subjects such as Western Esoteric traditions of environmental metaphysics (Sacred Space), Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Thus birthing his passion for working with the ancient language of sacred geometry, which has led to a new kinds of interaction with contemporary art.

Stephen Meakin - Sacred Geometry - Cygnus 2012 - 5ft x 5ft Acrylics with gold leaf on canvas.

“My passion for pattern”, he says, “was born from a need to express an inner reality of deep love. This love has become a reference point for me that both represents the known and the unknown and the heavenly flower that forever opens within us all.”

In 1995 Stephen started using the term ‘holism’ to describe his style of painting. Holism is a term used by quantum theorist David Bohm to describe the implicate order in nature. Stephen’s art is a celebration of the divine order and connection between all things.

He is currently exhibiting in Abu Dhabi in March 2012 and Dubai in April.  He will be showing his work at the Eternal Knowledge Festival in Suffolk 27th – 29th  April.

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  1. Mariana says:

    I am enchanted by his work which is fascinating. The beauty of the designs, the energy that these works transmit is incredible.I actually try to use the benefits of mandalas in my everyday life and I can say they work with me undoubtedly.To the responsables for the webpage: thank you for delighting us once again with another wonderful article.

  2. Kirk Bonner says:

    Hello Stephen,

    You invited me to make a comment. I like your art. It manages to be both intricately complex and simple at the same time. Very beautiful and uplifting. You also suggested I say something about molecules. Molecules are physical networks whose nodes are atoms of ordinary matter and whose links are chemical bonds whose energy maintains the structural integrity of the molecule. If sufficient energy is put into a molecule, its bonds will rupture, and the atoms will then be free to roam around, so to speak. All life is made of many molecules that are attracted to one another by weaker forces that create a network of a higher order. A complex organism like a multicellular organism contains a very large number of higher order molecular networks. But life is complex. Many physical forces in play in the universe conspire to distort and eventually rupture the higher order networks, and they eventually revert back into simpler networks (smaller molecules) and bare atoms. On Earth we call this death of the organism. When our sun morphs into a red giant (2-5 billion years from now), it will vaporize most of the matter making up the complex networks and end life on Earth. Perhaps by that time we will have gone somewhere more hospitable.

  3. Hello Kirk, hope you are well. Thank you for your comment on my paintings. Life is indeed complex…theory after theory after theory…and as Rupert Sheldrake recently suggested…all part of the Science delusion?

    I am currently working with intricate geometries within the Hen-decagon.

    Best wishes

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