Jason Chan – The Art of Infinite Living

• September 17, 2011 • Comments (1)

Jason ChanThe celebrated Tai Chi master and author of The Radiant Warrior comes to talk at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham  on Monday 17th October sharing wisdom about The Art of Infinite Living.  A one day experiential workshop will follow on Saturday 5th November, offering tools to live radiantly, peacefully and highly successfully through all the challenges of modern life.

If you’re tired of worrying about the future and long to connect to a constant nourishing source of inner peace and joy beyond this physical world, then come and learn how to raise your energy and connect to a higher wisdom.  In his workshop, Jason will guide you to begin to fulfill your dreams by raising your energetic vibrations, strengthening your body and connecting to ‘the light’.  The energy practices he’ll teach are easy to incorporate into your daily life and can produce remarkable results very quickly.

For further info and bookings visit the Isbourne Holistic Centre website .




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Comments (1)

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  1. I am always very critical when someone promises a quick path to higher consciousness, piercing clarity and deep wisdom. As if the laborious methods of long and strenuous meditations, to be practiced for generations, are an unnecessary mistake.

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