Kate Magic – Nutrition, Food Freedom & Pharmaceutical Industry

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Life Arts Media meets up with Kate Magic at the 2013 Mind Body Spirit Festival.

Raw food promoter and writer, Kate explains how her relationship with food and nutrition started from a spiritual place – for her, eating is about finding a place of connection, union and oneness. Making food a spiritual practice reconnects us, and is a key aspect of the necessary personal and communal paradigm shift that is happening globally.

Kate talks about the ever-increasing power of the pharmaceutical industry, how drug companies have vast political and lobbying power to control what we eat. These companies are making huge profits from sick people. However, from holistic perspective, the body has a divine intelligence, if you give it what it needs it will always seek to heal – thus facilitating the body’s innate ability to self-heal.

She talks of new EU laws preventing the sale of unpatented seeds, supplements and herbs, yet shares her excitement about being part of the growing number of people embracing change and working to create alternatives to the existing paradigm.

Interview by:
Gennaro Ambrosino


Read Codex Alimentarius, by Kate Magic –
“…The Codex Alimentarius dictates European, American and Canadian law relating to the international trade of food, bypassing the democratic process; there are no elected representatives of the people involved in these decisions, since bureaucrats do all the work….”
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