Maya, Kuna, Mapuche and Aymara elders in London

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“When the condor of the south meets the eagle of the north, the children of the earth will be born. When the tears of these two birds merge, the children of the light will be born.”

Filming took place at a Native Spirit Foundation event held at Soas, London in October 2010 featuring a group of respected indigenous elders who arrived in Europe to share their message of hope and respect with the West.

The group represented a variety of indigenous communities – the Maya, Kuna, Mapuche and Aymara (from North, Central and South America).

They came to reaffirm the message that has been said by so many before them, that it is time to re-connect with Mother Earth to overcome a global environmental disaster and to construct a new humanity based on respect for all Creation. To reconnect with our spirituality and origins we need to open our hearts as well as our minds.

Native Spirit Foundation is currently seeking funds to cover the cost of bringing seven indigenous elders to the UK at the end of October 2011 to share their ancient teachings. Learn more here



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