mission statement

The name “Life Arts Media” was born from a profound interest in disciplines like martial arts, shamanism, yoga, meditation and for the purpose of documenting them.

The areas of interest naturally and very quickly expanded to embrace all those activities which in broader terms aim to enhance life and well-being – on an individual level as self development; on a community level as supporting vulnerable groups, whose growth is hindered by difficult life conditions; on a planetary level by raising awareness about the urgency of re-establishing a balance between the progress of human activities and the natural world.

Three words could be used to best synthesize these areas of discussion: Consciousness – Community – Sustainability

It’s only when the jug is full that the water can overflow and fill other jugs or cups surrounding it

This quote can perhaps best depict the interconnection between consciousness, community and sustainability and how a sincere concern and commitment towards community and environment can spontaneously arise once one’s own life has been healed and awareness has expanded as a result of conscious influences kept alive through millenniums, to teach us the way to re-establish a harmony between our spiritual nature and human experience.

The underlying philosophy of Life Arts Media is “All is One”, which is not only an ancient philosophical statement, which refers to the interconnection of all we are, see and experience as parts of one living and conscious organism but it is also a very current paradigm of quantum physics, which demonstrates that what we experience as separation is in reality an illusion.

New paradigms of science are indeed an important subject of discussion for Life Arts Media as scientific evidences supporting ancient mystical and archaic knowledge are a fundamental stage to the process of bringing these ideas to mainstream culture, playing therefore a crucial role in developing a new culture, with a new awareness of human nature and potential, new values, new business models, new ways to relate and interact in society.

More and more scientists are researching and providing evidences of the influence that mind and beliefs have on the body physiology and that in many cases the change of beliefs and a shift in a mental or emotional state had “miraculous” consequences in healing serious illnesses.

It’s a fact that 1/3 of healings occur for what it’s defined in science as placebo effect, which is the power of the mind over the body and the capacity of the body to self-heal.

Going back to the analogy of “All is one” if we think of humanity as made of individual cells of one big organism, the activity of each cell and group of cells can have an impact on the overall balance and health of the whole organism.

In the same way that cancer cells can spread affecting larger areas of the body, healing cells can also multiply and spread overwhelming the diseased cells, re-establishing health and balance.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.” Gandhi

Big changes are made of individuals’ changes, which start from withinBig changes are made of individuals’ changes, which start from within.  That is all it takes.  One person can spontaneously influence those surrounding him/her with his/her doing whether through professional choices and impact in society or through small act of kindness towards a stranger on the street.

The purpose of Life Arts Media is that of creating a channel to allow all those people and organizations’ activities and works, which aim to develop consciousness, community or sustainability, to reach as many people as possible.

Such a platform, which makes use of the huge potential of Internet “viral” communication, can represent an alternative to conventional media.

The aim of Life Arts Media is that of supporting and contributing to a shift that is already taking place. Our hope is that by showing the diverse ways through which the principle of interconnectedness can express itself (in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, health & well being, sustainability, arts, economics and social justice), more people can be inspired and embrace this principle into their lives, sharing and proposing new solutions for an increasingly complex world.

Gennaro Ambrosino
Founder of Life Arts Media