Nepal Earthquake Appeal – Support Project for Sindhupalchowk Remote District

[Updated on 1 May 2017]

After the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, which killed nearly 9000 people, it was our wish to start fundraising in support of some more rural areas, which we knew didn’t receive enough support from rescue operations, due to the distance from the capital Kathmandu and the lack of adequate infrastructure.
Our fundraising was aimed at a very targeted project in support of a village in the remote Sindhupalchowk district.

Today we received an update on the progresses and completion of the project. The funds that were raised helped for the immediate intervention with food and medicines, during the aftermath of the earthquake, the reconstruction of some of the houses and what was one of the main objectives of the project, the construction of an efficient and functional water supply, to source drinking water, which is now completed.

This post aims to update and thank those who donated to support this cause. In particular we would like to thank Tang Long Chinese Cultural Centre in London, UK, and those who took part to the event they organised (which raised 80% of the funds for this project) and people who donated through this page on LAM.

Also we would like to thank Thakur Tiwari who coordinated the operations for this project with the committee of his village in the Sindhupalchowk district.

It never ends to inspire that which can be achieved when people come together with their intentions, spirit, will power and heart.



[This post was first published on 1 May 2015]

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Photo credit: The Asahi Shimbun

“I’m just sending you this as you were interested to donate some money to the big organisations which are working to support…but not in my area”.



With the Tiwari family – Nepal 2011

The devastation in Nepal is heartbreaking for us all, although, by witnessing this tragic event from our computer screens, we can just vaguely imagine the fear and desperation people there are experiencing in seeing their loved ones buried under the rubble and their homes collapsed.

I traveled to Nepal in 2011 and I loved every bit of this beautiful Country, from the gorgeous nature and the historical sites to the so rich blend of cultures, ethnicities and spiritual traditions.  I met some really nice people, I met friends like the Tiwari’s who welcomed me among them as a member of the family, making my time there really special.

There are a lot of International organisations you can donate to, which are coordinating aid and conducting relief and rescue operations, but the truth is that the most remote villages get really little or hardly any help, for the distance from Kathmandu and for the infrastructures, which make accessing these areas not easy; still death and devastation are widespread.

My friend Thakur Tiwari, together with his brothers and survivors from his village, in the Sindhupalchowk district, initiated a very targeted support project to reach about 100 people from 18 families, to give relief during this emergency phase and to rebuild their homes.

At times we wish to help and we would prefer to donate directly to someone, who we’re certain will use the money wisely.  Well, this is the case; I’ve witnessed first hand my friends’ integrity and dedication during good times and I have total faith in their commitment during these difficult times.

I’ve set up this page to contribute for what I can to their efforts and I hope I can count on your contribution too.  We’ll keep you posted with images and videos to show you the progresses of the operation and the concrete difference your donation can make to this community.

Thank you.

Gennaro Ambrosino
LAM Founder
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A Message from a Friend

Namaste Gennaro dai,

How are you and the family these days?

Well, in Nepal the situation is getting worse especially in the village as the monsoon season is heading on and the aid workers have not reached all of the most affected areas.

Well, I along with my brothers and few friends like you, are trying to initiate a small support project in my village to start with.

The death toll has risen to over 6000 and still rising; in my district only 2100 died and it is the most affected area, called Sindhupalchowk district (which is also my hometown), where 95% of houses are destroyed completely, and it is believed that about 50000 houses are collapsed and many of the humans and animals are still under the rubble, and the air already started smelling foul (I just hope this won’t cause diseases to the survivors on top of the already tragic situation).

Nepal Earthquake

Photo: Thakur Tiwari

The support project is divided in 3 phase:

1st Phase – To provide to survivors something that is currently needed i.e tents, mattresses, blankets for temporary huts and some clothes (if I could find), food (especially dry), torch lights and batteries and some common medicines for cold, diarrhea etc.

2nd Phase – To give some cash money that can be needed for the emergency (just few hundreds or a thousand NPR per family).

3rd Phase – Building houses using some blocks (but it takes some time as I have no funding at all at the moment, but surely I will have).

The project focus area is: Sindhupalchowk, Melamchi – Phatakshila VDC (my own home town).

The initial target group includes about 74 peoples (from 18 houses), but we’re aiming to reach over 100 people (500 houses collapsed with all the possessions, all the stored grains and belongings etc. and the number of dead people is not confirmed but it fears to be above 200).

Money is needed to provide all the necessities in this emergency phase and to build houses to give shelter to at least 18 families.

It’s all going on now and we’re organising this as I write; currently I’m focused in keeping survivors in safe places, providing food and keeping them alive.

Nepal Earthquake

Photo: Thakur Tiwari


“Even being just 37 Km east of Kathmandu, no aid workers, no government, and no one has ever reached here yet, except their own family members to support and console them”


Why I’m trying to do this in this area?

1) It’s where I was born, and I want and feel I should take some responsibilities, especially now that is absolutely needed.
2) Not only my mom, brothers, and sisters lost everything but all the neighbors, uncles and aunts lost everything too, including their homes and belongings (luckily there haven’t been casualties in my close family, but I lost about 10 of my relatives and many of them are still in desperate need of treatments, and some are in hospital)
3) Most of their sons are in Gulf Countries and they have no one to look after them.
4) Even being just 37 Km east of Kathmandu, no aid workers, no government, and no one has ever reached here yet, except their own family members to support and console them.

Your help in any way would be appreciable as they are in desperate need.

Further more you may tell your friends, clients, relatives (if they are interested) about it.

At this moment sending stuff and other things is not a good idea as nothing is functioning in the right way and it could take months. So, the best thing to do at the moment is to help by donating money, as the emergency and the aid work we aim to do with this project could last up to 6 months or even more.

I’m just sending you this as you were interested to donate some money to the big organisations which are working to support…but not in my area.

Sorry if this was overwhelming. I can provide you more information. I still hesitate to take photos of bereaving family members and dead bodies from close.

Regards and Namaste,


Thakur can also be contacted directly and you can send your donation to them via Western Union, which won’t charge any fees to transfer money until 31 May 2015.

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