Peter Owen Jones: Into the Wild

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Into the Wild: a desert retreat with ‘Extreme Pilgrim’ Peter Owen Jones brings a rare chance for self-reflection

Peter Owen JonesBritain’s intrepid vicar Peter Owen Jones – who spent three and a half weeks living alone in a hermit’s cave in the Sinai desert during the filming of his ‘Extreme Pilgrim’ series for BBC TV – is now leading two desert retreats in the Sinai in March, giving fellow pilgrims the chance to enjoy a special taste of his remarkable and life changing experience.

The Sinai desert – home to the Burning Bush, the Exodus and the Tablets of Stone – has long been a hallowed place for holy wanderers and hermits seeking contemplation and enlightenment.  On this journey into silence, experienced spiritual voyager Peter will guide participants to plummet their deeper selves and connect with their inner wisdom.  The desert’s rare quality of stillness and tranquillity supports deeper inquiry – and within this vast, empty wilderness, connected to the core essence of life, you can be alone and discover who you really are.

Sinai retreat‘The desert is the greatest teacher I have had,’ Peter reported.  ‘I have returned faced with the truth that knowing ourselves is an intensely difficult thing to do because we always seek our reflection in others. But the desert is a clear, almost unblemished mirror. In the desert, I realised I could not go on making excuses and I realised how I had embedded these excuses in the fabric – in the very pattern – of my existence.’

The 8-day retreats, which will run back to back in March, from 1st-8th and then 9th-16th, are being hosted by the Makhad Trust, a UK charity working to preserve the heritage and traditional livelihood of the Sinai desert’s Bedouin tribes.  Hosted by local Bedouin, participants will sleep under the stars protected by a nomadic tent.  There will be a day of desert exploration followed by the opportunity to spend two to three days alone in solitary retreat.  Everyone then comes together in celebration of food, company and spirit. Later the group travel through the desert for two days, trekking by camel or walking in the footsteps of their nomadic Bedouin hosts, before making the journey homeward.





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