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“Kung Fu” adventure tale teaches kids respect for Nature

• November 8, 2016 • Comments (0)
“Kung Fu” adventure tale teaches kids respect for Nature

A fun new illustrated “Kung Fu” adventure tale to encourage children to respect Nature and have fun with her gifts.


Qigong – The Spiritual Benefits of a Non Religious Practice

• March 7, 2014 • Comments (2)
Qigong - The Spiritual Benefits of a Non Religious Practice

Grandmaster Wong Kew Kit discusses how the practice of qigong, with its roots in Taoism and Buddhism, can benefit anyone regardless of their faith.


Children & Tai Chi

• September 9, 2012 • Comments (2)
Children & Tai Chi

I have been teaching for over 30 years in 6 different countries. Twenty years ago in China, I saw something very wonderful, 350 high school students did a half hour of Tai Chi together every day to start the school day. Seeing the focus, calmness, concentration and ability to work together, I decided this was […]


Shaolin Kung Fu & Chen style Tai Chi – Team Shaolin 2011

• December 23, 2011 • Comments (0)
Team Shaolin 2011 - Championship

On the 5th of November 2011 Life Arts Media was at the 3rd edition of ‘Team Shaolin’, a European tournament for traditional shaolin kung fu and Chen style Tai Chi. These living arts which find their roots in Buddhist and Taoist philosophies are becoming more and more popular in the west, influencing positively the lives […]


Dan Millman: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

• October 15, 2011 • Comments (4)
Dan Millman

Former world champion gymnast, university coach, martial arts instructor and college professor Dan Millman developed, following a 20 year spiritual quest, the Peaceful Warrior’s Way as a mode of expressing his learning as teachings. Today Dan is one of the world’s best known spiritual teachers and his 13 books, including the cult classic, Way of […]


Opening Dao: a documentary film on Taoism and martial arts

• October 12, 2010 • Comments (69)
Opening Dao film cover image

Opening Dao Produced and directed by filmmaker and founder of Life Arts Media Gennaro Ambrosino, Opening Dao is a short documentary film on Taoism and martial arts, filmed in China in 2009. Scholars, top martial artists and monks explain the principles of the way, a treasure of wisdom that survived thousands of years. The film […]


Barefoot Doctor: Taoism and self-development

• October 11, 2010 • Comments (0)
Barefoot Doctor picture

Barefoot Doctor: Taoism and self-development Stephen Russell, aka Barefoot doctor, is author of 13 books and acclaimed master of Taoist practices to improve well being.  In over 25 years of training, Barefoot Doctor learned from some of the most inspiring and innovative teachers of their generation.  He also runs Dub-Spirit, a revolutionary dance-floor meditations session, […]


Master Yuan Xiu Gang: Taoism and Martial Arts Wisdom

• October 6, 2010 • Comments (10)
Master Yuan Xiu Gang picture

  Master Yuan Xiu Gang: Taoism and Martial Arts Daoist priest Master Yuan Xiu Gang (Wudang gong fu academy ), 15th generation disciple of Wudang SanFeng Sect, shares in this exclusive interview for Life Arts Media the principles of Daoism and their connection with martial arts. In 1994, Master Yuan was selected by the Wudang […]


London, Kentish Town Community Party

• October 5, 2010 • Comments (0)
London community party picture

London, Kentish Town street party on the 25th of July 2010. A vibrant day of community sharing and interconnectedness with live music, yoga for children, tai chi, kung fu, human rights, music workshops and lots of fun.