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Beyond Physical – Pain and Spiritual Healing

• October 26, 2014 • Comments (0)
Beyond Physical - Pain and Spiritual Healing

Sports Massage Therapist Ben Pianese Recalls Road To Healing And Spiritual Journey Sometimes, it takes a singular, unfortunate incident to create an extraordinary change in someone’s life. It may seem, at first, like that one terrible moment is just that: terrible. But life is rarely simple in its revelations. Because as events unfold, a voyage […]


Dr David Hamilton’s top five side effects of kindness

• June 28, 2011 • Comments (0)
david hamilton

It’s not just drugs that have side effects, kindness does too and positive ones at that! reports Dr David Hamilton, celebrated scientist and author of Why Kindness is Good for You He outlines the top five side effects of kindness: 1) Kindness Makes Us Happier When we do something kind for someone else, we feel […]


Rollin McCraty: Positive Emotions and Science of Healing

• October 11, 2010 • Comments (4)
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Rollin McCraty is Director of Research at the Institute of HeartMath, a leading organization in understanding the heart’s role in health and mind-body healing. With HeartMath since its inception in 1991, McCraty worked with founder Doc Childre to set the course for learning more about how our mental and emotional systems affect the quality of […]


The Living Matrix: the science of healing

• October 10, 2010 • Comments (1)
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The Living Matrix – London Premier March 2009 Questions and Answers THE LIVING MATRIX is a provocative, full-length feature documentary on healing and the nature of human health. The film uncovers innovative breakthroughs and discoveries that transform the understanding of how we heal. The most significant revelation is how energy and information fields are as […]