Let The Eden Chronicles Begin!

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A thrilling new series of magical adventure books powerfully evokes our times of mass spiritual awakening across the planet

Author James Erith shares the inspiration behind his creation and the beguiling writer’s journey of discovery that unfolded
as the epic five-part story
flowed through him

Eden Chronicles started because I was bored in a dead end job, because I am a dreamer, because deep within me there was an urge to tell a story. And in all truthfullness, for some time, life wasn’t making a great deal of sense.

I think – in fact I’m pretty sure – that this story has somehow been given to me. In a round about way it is my way of dealing with All Those Questions; all those niggling, snarling, biting, teasing questions that were, I suppose, eating at me. The answers came flooding out in writing. But at the time, I had absolutely no idea why it was so important, or what it meant.

Let’s go back a little. Eight years ago I bashed my head on a tree trunk while trying to rescue my blind dog from a pig field (another story). As the concussion receded and after my daughter, aged 5, rushed in telling me about the story of Adam and Steve and, after I’d stopped laughing, I went to bed only to wake up with the sensation of a spider running across my face and a bite on my neck.

The thought that dreams were given, like gifts, by creatures like this spider, struck me. What if Eureka moments are given to us? Is it how we interpret what we see or feel that determines these things? I toyed with it. I toyed with the strange story of Adam and Eve, the universal possibility of the original flood. The notion of a spiritual multitude. The strange contradictions of religions. The meaning of life.

And then a story popped in, just like that. I knew immediately it was something ‘important’. I spent every available moment writing the story that has become the Eden Chronicles, of which The Power and The Fury is the first part. I wrote as if I were possessed, much to the amazement of my family.

Originally it was one big volume, crammed with allusion and excitement and change and confusion that fed off a multitude of myths and legends. And when I read the book through I realised that what I’d been writing was not only all that, but also my own spiritual journey. I was astonished. Eden Chronicles is a journey of discovery that required our heroes to open their minds. It’s a story of a change. And it also precipitated a quite extraordinary ‘opening’ of my own mind.

While The Power and The Fury may seem to children like a romping adventure with endearing characters and terrible jokes, adults will find elements in the books that relate to the change happening all around us. It is a story that doesn’t lecture of rant or rave, or judge – I hope it is a story of our time.

In this first instalment (The Power and The Fury), three totally unsuitable children are given a dream to see if mankind is ready for its next stage. They are, unwittingly, the benchmark of humankind. First off, they must survive a terrible storm using their gifts, courage, intelligence, love and strength. Read into it what you will, but perhaps we must all go through our own storm to find a new path.

The Power and The Fury is now available on kindle and in paperback on Amazon from early December 2013 and digitally, everywhere, NOW.

For more information about James Erith and Eden Chronicles visit www.jameserith.com




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James Erith

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James' ambitions to play first class cricket were thwarted when he dived into a swimming pool, hit a step and cracked several vertebrates in his neck. He returned back to the UK where he designed and built gardens in the capital. After a move to North Yorkshire (where the Eden Chronicles is set) James bashed his head again and had the idea for the EDEN CHRONICLES of which THE POWER & THE FURY is the first part. 'When I came to, I found a spider bite on my neck, my garden had flooded and my daughter aged 5 couldn't wait to tell me about a story she'd read, as she put it, about Adam and Steve! My head was swimming, particularly with the idea that dreams of 'eureka' moments might somehow be given to us, like powerful gifts - which we interpret as best we can. It triggered a writing journey that has been thrilling, deeply personal and a huge learning curve.' THE POWER & THE FURY is a hi-octane adventure story for girls and boys (11+) and adults should enjoy it on a different level. It is the first book in a series of five (so far) that outlines the children adventures in their race to discover the mythological Garden of Eden. THE POWER & THE FURY is set in a fictional school beneath the hills that lead up to the stunning North Yorkshire Moors (which James knew well from his time there). James lives with his family in North Essex, England.

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