The Egg

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As part of ‘Seeds In The City’, the video is a 1 minute inspirational film-poetry project based on a poem by Leonard Wolf: ‘The Egg’ – In a fast pace world, where we’re constantly distracted by noises and ‘special effects’, nature reminds us with its simplicity, perfection and harmony that there’s no greater beauty and marvel than itself, reconnecting us to love and support of life.

From a poem by:
Leonard Wolf
(The Stone Cicada and Other Poems, 2001)

Directed, filmed & edited by:
Gennaro Ambrosino

Recited by:
Kristina Georgiou

Concept and Song-track by:
Kristina Georgiou

“There are days, like today,
This minute,
When I fall in love
With an egg.
Its seamlessness,

The easy way in which it stands for
Almost anything.
Protective wobbling.

For logicians,
The egg’s
Insults the mind.
An egg,

By no means
Imitates the circle
Having no
Beginning and no end.

Ask that conundrum,
God, the first
Egg maker
Who worked
Without tools

Achieving a fine
Mat finish and any number
Of colors
From which come
Cluckers and flyers that sing.

Ask Him how,
Facing that smoothness
So unlike a face
And yet implying




Every way it turns –
How was
The beautiful
The beautiful
Egg made?”



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Kristina Georgiou

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Kristina Georgiou worked for Metro newspaper and is currently a freelance writer, most recently working with Positive News and Spirit & Destiny magazine. She writes about holistic health, food, travel, music, the environment - and in particular the 13 Moons calendar, a modern 'natural time' method of living, based on the mathematical insights of the Maya. This she learnt while travelling in South America, and she enjoys giving readings and making arts and crafts aligned with this consciousness. Her passion is music - she is most happy singing or playing instruments, or studying geology and astronomy, travelling, working with the Earth, living with communities, immersing in local culture, writing poetry and spending time with her beloved Greek Cypriot family. She enjoys campaigning for the environment, community and future.

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