Time is Art

• January 29, 2012 • Comments (4)

A Film by Gennaro Ambrosino
Music by Kristina Georgiou

– Life is about the little things; the walk in the park, stroking the cat, singing out of key, making tea. When you give your heart and attention to the moment, there is art. Everyone can be an artist of his or her life with the right use of time…..and mistakes are part of your art.

Appreciate and thank nature and let her show you the details on her canvas – the bird across the horizon, the dog on the grass, the clouds roaming as you roam…..train your wandering eye….breathe deep and rejoice in the little things and feel the world alive. You are part of it.

We are planting seeds of hope, growth and awareness in everything we do. Plant them deep, plant them true…



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Kristina Georgiou

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Kristina Georgiou worked for Metro newspaper and is currently a freelance writer, most recently working with Positive News and Spirit & Destiny magazine. She writes about holistic health, food, travel, music, the environment - and in particular the 13 Moons calendar, a modern 'natural time' method of living, based on the mathematical insights of the Maya. This she learnt while travelling in South America, and she enjoys giving readings and making arts and crafts aligned with this consciousness. Her passion is music - she is most happy singing or playing instruments, or studying geology and astronomy, travelling, working with the Earth, living with communities, immersing in local culture, writing poetry and spending time with her beloved Greek Cypriot family. She enjoys campaigning for the environment, community and future.

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Comments (4)

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  1. Talei says:

    gorgeous hermana… the mantra, the orange, las hojas de coca. besos x

  2. Martuska says:

    This is so amazing and inspirational. Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Gennaro Ambrosino Gennaro Ambrosino says:

      Thank you for your appreciation!…share it with your friends if you wish…help us to go ‘viral’!…it’s an healthy virus anyway 🙂

  3. Wow! this is beautiful!

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