Unity Consciousness

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Awakening by Mynzah

We did not discern,
Before Creation,
Who is worthy,
Or who is worth-less,

We created instead,
The Field of Potential,
And you have since,
Created separation!

Mind does not see,
Unified Consciousness,
Mind is duality,
Mind is judgement,

Heart Heals duality!
Dissolving identification,
Heart Awakens,
Heart In-Lightens!




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I'm grateful to Gennaro and LAM for the opportunity to share my inspiration with you, reflecting an internal seeing and opening of life. The writings inspire from a space of clear seeing, encouraging growth with our challenges and recognition of our powerful and graceful being. More can be known about my work on my website, I share sessions for the purpose of awakening and evolution, developing our being at its innermost core. The work is the product of many disciplines, mystical and scientific and simply pure self realisation, bearing fruits to inspire this recognition in one another. I hope the spirit of what is shared connects with you and ignites a seeing of what we are and the wonderful journey of life. Sanam

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