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Visionary Art by Roger Hitchcock

• August 8, 2013 • Comments (4)



RH-prof-picMy artwork is inspired by our mythic/mystical connection to the land which is a spiritual and ancient bond. Many other images comes through in visions and spiritual trance. I have been working as a psychic for over twenty years and my art is a continuation of that dimension of my life.

I live in the Dartmoor area and the magical, fantastical and ancient landscapes of the moors resonate with my souls journey and feature in many of my pieces. Dartmoor is truly a gateway and a portal into the great magical realm of existence a shamanic landscape full of myth and legend. Therefore much of my work is inspired by the landscapes of the moors and its trees and ancient sites and the feeling which they evoke.
That is by no means the extent of my concerns as an artist, as stated earlier my work is also visionary in nature and comes through to me via meditations and spiritual images. At the moment I have began work on what may well become a set of divination cards in the future, these are visionary in nature and contain images of Dartmoor landscapes along with figures and spiritual beings from history and legend.

I have had my artwork published by Cassell in THE CELTIC ART COLLECTION since then my art has evolved and developed. The Pagan folk Rock band Druidspear used some of my Artwork in the 1990’s, also the magazine for The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids used some of my work for the inhouse magazine Touchstone. You can view further examples of my art at the website I also teach art to adults and work to commission if appropriate. I am always seeking suitable venues to exhibit my work and do so when the right opportunities arise.

My main inspirations as an artist are the Romantics, Visionary art, Surrealism, Medieval Art,Tribal Art and Ancestral Art as well as landscape painters both past and contemporary.

I hope you enjoy viewing my art feel free to contact me with any queries. Roger Hitchcock.




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Comments (4)

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  1. Ellie Kim says:

    Wow!!! Amazing art so detailed…each piece speaks volumes…where can I buy this?

    • lifeartsmedia lifeartsmedia says:

      Hello!…if you click on his name/link at the end of the post, you should be able to email the artist directly, cheers!

  2. Aixa Rios says:

    Robert. your art is so beautiful and enlightened. I am a visionary artist too. Looking forward to meet you . Namaste'. Aixa Rios

  3. Edina Williams says:

    Interesting Art too!

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